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Here is the site's advertising guide [Last update: 27-1-21]

  • The cost is £30/month for a text-based advert with a single link. Three month rate = £80
  • Payable in advance to PayPal account. Invoiced through CVW Web Design Ltd.
  • No payment = no ad.
  • No refunds for part months (or other periods) if you decide to stop the ad.
  • Advert and link text can be changed once per month. 
  • The advert should be a maximum of 200 characters (letters and spaces); this is enough for two short paragraphs.
  • In order to comply with Google guidelines, we use the "no follow" tag on all advertising links.
  • The ad will be at the top of the right-hand sidebar (most pages). This is on desktop screens. On smaller devices, the website layout is a single column and your advert will be mixed in with other content. 
  • The ad section is marked as “Promo” or “Promoted Link” or “Ad” (your choice).
  • Advert text is at our discretion. No offensive text allowed.
  • We don’t accept banner/image ads. In many cases these perform badly.
  • We don’t track ad clicks. Of course, you can use your own tracking URLs if you want.

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