Not the Beer of the Month post

Well, that was very successful. Not! My plan to publish a Beer of the Month post, um, every month has failed after just a few months. Obviously I have not been drinking enough beer!

I have tasted a few good beers this month but nothing that has really enthused my taste buds and kick-started me into writing a blog post. However, one beer that I have enjoyed was Goose Island IPA which has a "fruity aroma set off by a dry malt middle and long hop finish". Fair enough! I drank the canned version which is 5.9%. I saw it on the Tesco website in four can packs and with two packs for £9.00, it is/was a good deal.

I quite like "the can" these days. It always used to be associated with gassy lagers in my eyes but the choice and quality is much better now. And the 355 ml size is good if you just want a taster of a new beer and/or it's a school night :-)

Another good thing about cans is that small breweries seem to be able to get their products into cans more than they used to. I don't know if that's because canning is easier or cheaper. Perhaps it's both. However, anything that means smaller breweries can get their beers out to a wider audience is good in my book.

So, this is not a beer of the month post. I will write a post like that again, I'm sure. But, it will be an occasional thing when a beer really gives me a Wow! moment.

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