A Saturday pint at The Bedford

In the first of what I hope will be a regular series of articles, here's my write-up of a recent visit to the Bedford.

I met some friends at the Bedford on Saturday afternoon. It was the first part of a 'Christmas do' that we organise every year. If you don't know, the Bedford is a large pub close to Horsham station. It's a great pub for watching sport because both its two bars have TV screens that show Sky Sports.

The larger of the two bars has a great pub atmosphere and there's usually a busy hubbub of pub noise as you enter. There are two pool tables in the bar and a patio/garden area outside.

The smaller bar is quite different, more modern, and a lot quieter. When the pub is mega busy, I prefer this bar.

The Bedford has three ales on tap. Fuller's London Pride and Sharp's Doombar are regulars. When I visited, the third ale was Moorhouse's Pride of Pendle. It's a decent and tasty amber-coloured ale, with a good balance of malt and hops, although I wouldn't call it outstanding. But it's a good session beer and I enjoyed it - and the second pint went down well.

The Bedford's food menu is not extensive. But two of my friends pronounced that the burgers were good.

The Bedford is a pub that I visit often. I'm there for many of the Six Nations rugby games. The landlord John is always chatty and a genuinely nice guy; even when his beloved Scotland are playing England at rugby on TV!

The Bedford is a friendly pub near Horsham station. I like it. I'm not a commuter but, if I were, the pub would be a very tempting distraction for me on the way home!

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