Let's have more! Horsham Beer Trail

Last year I reported on the Horsham Beer Trail which was/is part of The Big Nibble Festival and the event happened again last weekend. Will Ranner wrote about it in an article "Supporting Local pubs on the Beer Trail" and I have to agree with his conclusion.

The Horsham Beer Trail was a great event, which I hope opened local eyes to the richness of pubs we have on offer and hopefully opened the pubs' collective eyes to the potential of local beer.

Horsham has been lucky with pub closures but with pubs seemingly under threat of closure all the time, the Horsham Beer Trail is a great way to encourage people to try a few new beers and pubs.

Many pubs do this all the time of course with their own beer festivals and other promotions but I'd say that the Beer Trail event has a wider potential for encouraging local beers and for pubs to stock them - and to get people into pubs that they might not otherwise visit.

The Beer Trail is a great chance to try different beers in Horsham pubs and for local breweries to promote their beers to a wider audience so why not make it more frequent? Horsham has lots of events on throughout the year and the Beer Trail could be part of these, let's say 2-3 times a year. Let's have more!


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