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  • Horsham Spring Equinox Beer Festival 2015

    The North Sussex CAMRA Spring Equinox Beer Festival takes place on 28th and 29th March in the Drill Hall in Horsham. Here are the details.

  • Beef and mushroom pie

    Lunch at the Countryman Inn

    Last week I met up with another Horsham-based web developer for lunch. On this occasion, I suggested we visit the Countryman Inn in Shipley

  • The Plough in Rusper

    Updates to Horsham Pub Guide

    I've been updating Horsham Pub Guide and improving images on the site by taking new pub photos. There are other changes underway as well.

  • Welton's Brewery pump clips

    Visit to Welton's Brewery

    I visited Welton's Brewery last week and was given a tour with the opportunity to try some of Welton's ales. And very tasty they were too!

  • The best real ale pubs in Horsham

    Name the best real ale pubs in Horsham. Pubs that sell the most varied range of ales. I can think of a few but what are your favourites?!

  • Improving Horsham Pub Guide

    Over the next few weeks, I'm planning to improve the pub pages on Horsham Pub Guide by moving to a new website system and changing what's included on each page.

  • People queueing outside The Beer Essentials

    Horsham Beer Festival tickets available in June

    There are only a few weeks to go before one of the most important events in the Horsham calendar. No, not a town centre event with thousands of people but the day when tickets go on sale for Horsham Beer Festival!

  • George and Dragon in Dragon's Green

    Changing Horsham Pub Guide

    I'm currently reviewing this website. Whether to continue with it or how to develop it further. I'd welcome any comments about Horsham Pub Guide, good or bad.

  • New beer festival in Horsham

    There's a new beer festival in Horsham in March. It's the North Sussex CAMRA Spring Equinox Beer Festival which is on 22 - 23 March at The Drill Hall.

  • Firebird Brewery in Rudgwick

    Firebird Brewing Company is a new brewery based in Rudgwick. It's jointly owned and managed by Bill King (ex King and Barnes and W J King) and Richard Peters (ex Courage) who are brewing a range of new and interesting beers.

  • Beer glass with beer and hops

    What's New at King's Brewery

    At the end of June, King Beer announced a new management team of Justin and Niki Deighton and head brewer Ian Burgess. I was keen to know what plans the trio might have for the company and its beers...

  • Horsham Beer Trail 2013

    The Horsham Beer Trail, which is part of The Big Nibble Festival, is happening again on Saturday 31st August. It's a great event and I'm hoping to take part (purely in the interests of research you understand).

  • Roller racing at Dark Star brewery

    Visit to Dark Star for Spin Up in a Brewery

    On Saturday I visited Dark Star Brewery in Partridge Green for their Spin Up in a Brewery event. For the uninitiated, this is a cycling, beer, BBQ and brewery trip rolled into one.

  • Horsham pubs with Easter weekend beer festivals

    The Tanners Arms, the Jolly Tanners and the Sussex Oak are three pubs in or near Horsham that are having Easter weekend beer festivals. Know any others? Get in touch.

  • Horsham Beer Festival 2013

    Horsham Beer Festival 2013 is on 14th and 15th September this year. It's in the Drill Hall in Denne Road and tickets go on sale on Saturday 1st June

  • Brewery tours and events at Horsham breweries

    There are several breweries in and around Horsham and it's possible to have a brewery tour of some of these. Even if a brewery doesn't run tours, they often have beer tasting and launch events and seasonal festivals.

  • Let's have more! Horsham Beer Trail

    Last year I reported on the Horsham Beer Trail which was/is part of The Big Nibble Festival and the event happened again last weekend. But why have this only once a year?

  • Dark Star Brewery Hopfest

    Dark Star Brewery in Partridge Green is hosting a Hopfest festival on 28th - 30th September. The festival will include tastings, music, a cooking with beer competition, and a hop exhibition.

  • There's a new brewery in town

    A new brewery for the Horsham area has sprung up in Southwater. The Baldy Brewery has started brewing a range of ales.

  • Horsham Beer Festival 2012

    It's back again! Yes, Horsham Beer Festival 2012 is taking place on Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th September, at The Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham

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