Country pubs near Horsham

This website is a guide to country pubs near Horsham, West Sussex. It originally developed from an interest in cycling to pubs in and around Horsham. These days, the main focus of the website is on the pubs themselves - but cycling/mountain biking is still a great way of visiting pubs and exploring the Sussex countryside.

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  • Changing Horsham Pub Guide

    I'm currently reviewing this website. Whether to continue with it or how to develop it further. I'd welcome any comments about Horsham Pub Guide, good or bad.

Horsham Pub Guide does not include pubs in the centre of Horsham but the closest pub is only a mile away. The Pub Index has a complete listing including the latest pubs. You can search the website to find a pub or a location and there's also a Pub News page.

Featured Pub

Holmbush Inn, Faygate

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This guide encourages you to seek out those pubs that are 'off the beaten track' and to get you out into the Sussex countryside near Horsham - on your bike! Each pub has several routes described but the Horsham-Crawley Ordnance Survey map is very useful as well.

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† Horsham Pub Guide encourages responsible drinking when cycling to any of the pubs.